ENTRY FOR 09/19/2001

Saw the doctor today

The doctor says that the baby's head hasn't really moved down very much since last week. He is concerned that if the baby isn't delivered at least by the 26th then Wella would be at a higher risk of having a Ceasarean section. So basically what we're looking at is that this baby is going to be delivered sometime within the next 7 days. The doctor is going to induce labor if it hasn't started by next Wednesday.

Wella seems to be doing fine but
she is really getting ready
for this baby to be born.

See for yourself.


Here it is! I've been waiting on the baby and the blog. One down, one to go.

Hang in there you two.

(I vote to disable the preview the comment thing, either that or I could read buttons before I poke them...:)

Posted by Jason @ 09/20/2001 08:10 PM PST

Good idea, Jason. I'm on it. Hmm... now where would that be? It's great of you to stop by and check things out! It won't be long now!

Posted by Bugs @ 09/20/2001 08:19 PM PST

Jason, I de-emphasized th00eview and emphasized the post button. That should make things better.

Posted by Bugs @ 09/20/2001 11:21 PM PST

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