ENTRY FOR 01/06/2002

The Crinkle Chicken is here, the Crinkle Chicken is here!!!

It has been quite a while since I've added an entry here. I apologize but things around the holidays invariably get way too busy. On top of that, my cable modem connection died on me for 2 weeks!!! Ugh!

Jason tracked down that crinkle chicken and sent it to Kianna... and there was much rejoicing. She's starting to get interested in objects and I've noticed that crinkling it does casts a real spell over her.

Jason & Family, THANK YOU!

Crinkle Chicken


You are welcome and I'm glad to have helped--I know how invaluable the Crinkle Chicken is!!!!!!

Kianna is so pretty--ENJOY!!!

Posted by Karen Mabry @ 01/15/2002 03:32 PM PST

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