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Palm Tower so close to Palm Sunday???

So I'm driving along the freeway I drive almost everyday and I look off to my right and what do I see? A palm tree. So you are wondering how could that be a big deal for someone who lives in Southern California? Don't you see palm trees everywhere you go? Well, yes, there are ubiquitous to be sure.

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That is no ordinary palm tree... it's a palm tower! Yes, the only thing more numerous than palm trees in SoCal are the cell phone stations on the sides of buildings, church steeples, and now camoflauged towers. I just had to laugh because I bet very few people have noticed this thing for what it truly is. I guess that's probably a good thing.


that's just sad

I may be talked into the cellphone soon by the wife and child who might get stranded travelling sometime. Barbara Walters says we're more likely to be killed in a roadside breakdown incident these days so you know...

Now you know I'm not opposed to techno toys but... a phone? That's with you at all times?! Give me a break please.

Modern medical tech should make us live longer but I reckon we'll start dying younger and younger from all the fussin' we do. If not the fussin that kills us it will be lethal levels of materialism, or consumerism? Is that a word? It is now...

that felt Like a rant. Prolly too much coffee. Gonna go watch the US men's national soccer team kick Germany's teeth in now, it's on one of the ESPN's...

thanks for the sad tower :)

Posted by Jason @ 03/27/2002 06:00 PM PST

I used to think I lived in a nice looking city but now I really don't think so. We have so many power lines and telephone polls and now towers it really messes up the look of things. But it is so familiar, it's hard to realize just how cluttered things really are. Don't get me wrong, I do like living here, it's just that things could be so much more beautiful if that was a priority for our form of society. I think things are governed much more by "form follows function".

Posted by Bugs @ 03/28/2002 01:28 AM PST

Germany spanked us

form follows function

what does this life hold for me?


Posted by Jason @ 03/28/2002 11:37 AM PST

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