ENTRY FOR 03/27/2002

Dairy in the Blood

I like dairy products. I like dairy products... a lot.

I was eating pizza with some friends the other day. We were eating at one of those gourmet pizza restaurants, you know the kind, they have tuna pizza, turkey pizza, bbq chicken pizza... etc. Anyway, all the pizzas have excellent fresh crusts. The crust is almost good enough to be a meal by itself.

So after eating most of my pizza I start slathering butter all over that awesome crust and eating it that way. Sure there was still cheese on it and some other pizza toppings but that butter just made it that much better. My friends looked at me like I was from Mars.

So I just pointed out the fact that my mother is from Wisconsin and then they understood, LOL!!! I mean my mom loves cheese, butter, cream, all that stuff. I guess it's in the blood. In fact, as I write this, I'm eating a bowl of cereal with nonfat milk? 1%? 2%? Whole milk? Not on your life!!! I've got Half&Half in this bowl... YUMMY!!!

I love you, Mom! Thanks for all the genes :-)

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