ENTRY FOR 04/16/2004

Finished theflowerbuds.com and doing the popup script thing

A week ago I would have said in an entry here that I had finished up theflowerbuds.com for now. I am satisfied it is a complete site. There are things I would like to brush up but I could do that forever so I just needed to call it and move on. Go flowerbuds!!!

I got real busy with other things the last week and a half and haven't been able to do as much online as I normally would like. Before that happened, I had begun working on a new method of creating my window popup script. I noticed that quite a few people have been using it lately. I even noticed a movie site using it and crediting me... sweet =) Check out the links page on this site Ella Enchanted It says right there "The script used in the galleries comes courtesy of Bugimus".

Anyways, I'm working on a new method that will use dynamic object scripting to build the popup page. Jason the Mabry showed me a page that called this type of scripting "DOM scripting". It's really just javascript that is doing a particular type of page manipulation and not a new language or anything. Very exciting stuff though!


Dear God...

Please please please let my new nickname stick!

Your Pal,
Jason the Mabry


Posted by Jason @ 05/04/2004 03:15 PM PST

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