ENTRY FOR 09/28/2004

I'm web sick.

Every time I think about my web site and all the friends I haven't contacted over the last several weeks, it makes me sick. There are just too many things lately that keep me away. I look forward to the time I can come back with more regularity. To everyone that's not heard from me I apologize.


The clicking I do is not healthy, I think it's replaced booze as my escape from pressures.

I applaud you for your diligence in attending to real life.

Go man go.


Posted by Jason @ 09/29/2004 09:34 AM PST

I really appreciate that, buddy =)

Posted by Bugs @ 09/29/2004 11:15 AM PST

hey whadya know I'm back. Yes, pressure's mounting :)

slip me into your paryers now and again and I'll do the same for you sweet Mitchell folk

Posted by Jason @ 09/29/2004 11:47 AM PST

Hi ya from Darwin Bugs, long time no see at Asylum; thought I'd drop over and see how ya goin' :-)). That's how it goes, eh mate, life often gets in the way of life. Cheers and best wishes for you and yours.

Posted by Ian @ 10/09/2004 03:25 PM PST

Things are leveling out a bit now. I'm planning on dropping some weight from my load. One of the most important things to learn how to do is to say "no" at the right times. I think I need to reduce the number of things I'm signing up for.

Great to hear from you, Ian. Thanks for checking in on me, it is much appreciated =)

Jason, I wouldn't dream of leaving you and yours out of our prayers.

Posted by Bugs @ 10/17/2004 06:49 AM PST

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