ENTRY FOR 02/25/2007

Just Digested Jeremy Keith's

I just got through listening to the podcast at: Jeremy Keith on JavaScript Kung Fu

Jeremy Keith is the co-lead of WaSP's DOM Scripting Task Force.

This was incredibly inspiring for someone like myself who has been a JavaScript connoisseur from "back in the day".

Offload all the logic into the browser? NO! I agree wholeheartedly with the speaker that the client processing needs to remain minimal. The business logic and bulk of the processing belongs on the server and you make it feel like the browser is doing more than it is. Keep the browser processing focused on making the user's experience rich and enhanced.

The idea of moving applications moving to the client side is a lure that needs to be resisted and the distinction between server and browser must be respected.

Yes, we can make things look like applications on the browser but at some stage we need to step back and make sure all our tools are used with the right balance. Flash, JavaScript, PHP, etc. and the proper balance is still being explored.

Buzzworthy: Progressive Enhancement

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