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25 List Worksheet

This was where I crafted my note for Facebook. I'm going to duplicate this info because at least I have direct control over it within my own domain.

The only way I'm going to get a list of 25 things about me is to start collecting them here:

1. I have loved electronica or techno since I first heard it in the 80s. It started with 80s New Wave and European disco dance tracks and it continues today with trance and progressive techno. I was hugely influenced by Depeche Mode, Yaz, Erasure (seeing the trend there?). My favorite internet radio station is ETN.fm. But as much as I love that kind of music I have a varied taste. I just don't think a lot of people would guess that techno was so high on my list.

2. I spent the first 10 years of my education attending the Southern California Military Academy in Long Beach, CA. Yes, that's kindergarten through 9th grade. It was an all-boys school and was also a Christian school. We didn't carry real guns but we did plenty of marching and wore uniforms. One of these days I plan on uploaded scores of nifty photos of this experience. The school is now gone but it had a very interesting and rich history.

3. I absolutely hated high school and most of my college years. I have very negative feelings about schooling in general and don't like to think about it too often.

4. Starting in 1985 and lasting for about 5 years I decided to build and aviary in my parent's backyard. The deal with my parents was that I could have some birds if I helped beautify the backyard. This venture became a refuge for me during the difficult college years. I loved raising my birds and at the peak I had about 200 or so. I raised parakeets, all kinds of finches, pigeons, cockatiels, button quail, weavers and diamond doves. Along with all the birds I also tended a beautiful garden with as many flowers as I could afford. I have tons of pictures and video of this experience that will also make it to bugimus.com one of these days.

5. I was 18 years of age when I discovered I had a half brother on my dad's side. It was another 18 years when he knocked on my door after having found me through my website. I welcomed him in and discovered he had grown up no less than 5 miles from where I did. We are now building a relationship that was denied for all those years.

6. In the last year I have found David Keirsey's books "Please Understand Me" and "Please Understand Me II" profoundly helpful to understanding myself and those I associate with. I have taken the personality test a few times in order to feel confident that my personality type is ENTP (Extraversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Perception) and my temperament is "Rational/Inventor". I don't feel I "belong" in any group but I do have the ability to "fit in" anywhere. It helps me to know this is understandable based on my basic makeup. It also helps to know the information in these books is well supported by decades worth of research data.

7. In June of 1998 I stopped eating animal flesh. I guess you could say I quit it "cold turkey". I'm asked so often why it became clear I needed to write it down and just refer people to my reasons on biography page. For the record, the year before I took this step I ordered a 4x4 from In 'n Out Burger and it was scrumptious!

8. In my junior high years I was near suicidal because I believed a global nuclear holocaust was imminent based on the premillennial teachings of my school. I was not so sure of my salvation and even if I had been the prospect of a rapture, 7 year tribulation and Christ coming back to judge the world was too much for me to take at that age. I kept this intense and paralyzing fear to myself until one day I broke down and wept in my father's arms for hours telling him my fears and what I'd been taught. He was outraged. My father was raised Church of Christ which considers premillennialism heresy. I felt like the world had been lifted off my chest after letting that all out and was able to move forward with my life once again. The closest label for my position on Christian eschatology would be Amillennial.

9. Wella and I have been together since 1986. Doing the math results in 22 years together. We are closer now than we have ever been before. I truly believe that I would be in a seriously bad way or worse without her steady love and support these past years.

10. I absolutely love shows about cryptozoology and UFOs. I can watch them for hours. In that vein I 1) think there is a high probability that the creature known as "Bigfoot" exists in North America 2) am agnostic on extra-terrestrial visitations and 3) do not think the Loch Ness monster exists currently although evidence doesn't rule out it may have in the past.

11. I went through a lot the last few years and have struggled about how much to include in this list. Suffice it to say that a combination of problems culminated into bringing me to the brink of physical, emotional and spiritual destruction. I was cycling through feelings of disgust, anger, resentment and shame which I believe ultimately led to me suffering a stroke because I couldn't/wouldn't let go of the pain. I now live with a permanent blind spot in my right eye as a constant reminder that every day I have a choice between letting the past pull me into the abyss or letting go and moving on.

12. I am 1/16 Chippewa, Bad River Band, which may explain why I still have plenty of hair on my head, can't grow a beard and prefer to wear my hair long.

13. I do not fly. I have flown a few times when I was younger and I thought the actual experience was wonderful and exhilarating. Few people seem to understand that I don't have a fear of flying, I simply choose not to fly. If I'm going to die in a vehicle I prefer to eliminate the airplane from the list.

14. I am the chairman of the elders at La Habra Christian Church. I am the webmaster for the church website and I operate the sound system most every Sunday. This is where my head knowledge becomes action and how I choose to live my faith by reaching out to the local community with the love that God has so graciously shared with me.

15. I have a phobia when it comes to mailing letters, or anything else for that matter, through the post office.

16. I owe a great deal to a one Dr. Thaddeus Ozone and the community of incredible talent he fostered at OzoneAsylum. Were it not for his work and willingness to share his expertise with others I would not have the same level of technical and design skills I have today. Thanks Doc!!!

17. My B-2 Stealth Bomber webpage has been the most popular section of bugimus.com since 1999. For some reason it got indexed very early on and has remained in top search engine results for all these years. Try searching for "b2" or "b2 bomber" on Google and my site should be on the first page. In conjunction with this page I've collected around 150 B-2 patches and am working on a Web2.0 interface for displaying them all.

18. I love coffee. I have some each morning when I wake. Then I have some on the way into the day job. Then I'm done for the day. When I go to sleep I smile thinking about the next morning's cup. I consider drinking coffee one of life's most enjoyable pleasures.

19. I do not believe science and faith are incompatible. I think it's a mistake to choose between one or the other. This is another topic that I could ramble on and on about so I'm keeping this one concise. If you're interested in discussing this just let me know and I'll be happy to engage.

20. I love collecting comic books but I rarely read them. I'm primarily attracted to the art and the popular culture that surrounds them. I especially love the culture that is found at the San Diego Comic Con. I feel "at home" in that crowd more than most. I've attended it every year for the last 15 and can't wait for the next.

21. I've driven the same car for almost 20 years now. It recently hit 200,000 miles and it's still running great. As much as I love my 1990 Eagle Talon I am ready to upgrade and I really like the look of the new 2010 Camaro. I have my eye on a gray metallic V8 supercharged version with orange racing stripes and 22" wheels.

22. I tend toward an "all or nothing" mentality. As a result I find it difficult to see the line between friend and acquaintance, personal and professional, excellence and mediocrity, etc. This has been the source of much pain and disappointment in my life.

23. I have a mental block when it comes to doing math in my head. I also have a mental block when it comes to reading books because I feel I have to read each and every word for it to count. I know that's absurd but it's something that crept into my psyche at an early age.

24. I love to fly kites at the beach. I have a pretty decent collection of them ranging from single, dual and quad line stunt kites to a couple of power sleds that can haul a wide array of line laundry. I also may be the only flier to combine a power sled with a 50ft tail held up by a spinning box kite.

25. I believe as strongly as is humanly possible that Jesus Christ is the best and indeed only hope for life everlasting. My door is always open on this issue and am more than willing to listen, answer questions and explain why I hold this belief so tightly.


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