ENTRY FOR 06/13/2009

Blackbird Reunion 2009

I'm here in Reno, Nevada with my dad attending the 2009 SR-71 Blackbird Reunion. I feel privileged to accompany him on this trip. My mom passed away last June and normally she would have been here. When my dad mentioned this event to me earlier this year he said he wouldn't be attending and I immediately pointed out I would be more than happy to go with him. Upon hearing that he really perked up and the next day he made the reservations and here we are.

There really isn't a whole lot of stuff going on aside from a bunch of old colleagues remembering the good old days when excellence in aviation was still something to be valued. I wish I could say this sort of thing was as much alive today as it was then but sadly I fear it's not. Dad jokingly said we need another good war to kick our collective aerospaces asses into high gear once again. Hopefully that won't be the impetus that's actually required but I'm sure if one were to befall us it would have that effect.

Today we were attending the raffle and I had my dad walk through the reception crowd to see if he knew anyone and it wasn't looking too good. The first pass through and no familiar faces emerged. So we sat down and awaited the raffle to commence. We were probably one of a handful of Northrop folks in the room and wouldn't you know it we won the first raffle. Unfortunately we only won a cheap bag of trinkets no doubt manufactured in the ROC, but hey we still felt special.

As I write this we're sitting in our hotel room watching a beautiful thunderstorm over the city with the sun fully shining above the dark clouds. It's really quite impressive. In about an hour we'll be heading to the main event which is a banquet with guest speakers. I believe one of the speakers will be one of the few, or only, people to have ever ejected from a habu.


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