ENTRY FOR 07/26/2010

Comic Con 2010

Day 1: (Bugimus sports Seattle's Science Fiction Museum & Hall of Fame T-shirt)
- I checked into the Con (via WB's) and scored 3 killer 4sq badges: swarm, super swarm, and Comic-Con 2010! It was almost worth the price of admission just for those and the uber braggin' rights
- attended a panel discussing the state of geekdom especially regarding scifi movies
- I heard about Yesterday Was a Lie and I'm watching it on netflix
- Watched Inception and thought it was EXCELLENT.
- Predators sounds interesting so I think I'll go see that today too
- Got lots of pictures walking around the floor and had a great time
- Saw Fidget from the Frag Dolls and told her "hi" from Josh

Day 2: (Bugimus sports Wrath of Khan T-shirt)
- Saw Nic Cage promoting Drive Angry. Got some decent pics...(I hope)
attended Skyline presentation...it looks fantastic! Greg and Colin Strause made it completely on their own...studio doesn't own it... nice!
- skyline promo is inventive...they wrapped the front of the Marriott and release human shaped balloons all day long floating upwards...a shadow of one of them appeared on the sails and it was quite a sight
- pre-ordered Let's Dance 2 Wii game for Wella and Kianna...I bet they'll love it (October)
- being able to tether to my phone is heaven!
- sitting in theater waiting for Predators to begin
- saw preview of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and it looks like something I would enjoy
- after dinner I caught the Worst Cartoons Ever show and it was better than ever
- still need to hook up with some friends

Day 3: (Bugimus sports Babylon 5 G'Kar T-shirt)
- got to the con a bit late
- ate some pizza out on the patio and watched 2 Indiana Jones practice using their whips
- I also observed 2 steam punks compare their blades
- I am now sitting in the presence of Sid & Marty Krofft! Behind the scenes with Sid and Marty Krofft, then to look at the future with Joe Ruby and ken Sp;ears (Scooby Doo , Thundar the Barbarian) they have partnered with the Kroffts in Creations from the World of Jack Kirby. This was a fantastic panel and so meaningful to me having grown up with their creations. The Krofft's basically apologized for the Land of the Lost movie and I was glad to hear they weren't pleased with it. They say a remake is in the making already for about 4 years from now. They are also going to do a PufNStuf movie!
- While waiting to get into Hall H for the Marvel presentation there was a stabbing! Yes, you heard that right a stabbing...with a pen...a ball point pen. Some dork got mad at another attendee for not giving up his seat so he stabbed him in the eye with a pen. There was plenty of blood...the cops took the dork away as he sobbed like a wuss. As he was being led away some could be heard asking, "dude, can I have your badge?"
- met up with Jerome and crew for dinner...they were in Hall H during the fiasco. The Marvel presentation was excellent they said...Captain America, Avengers, and Thor...it all looked awesome.

Day 4: (Bugimus sports Seattle's Science Fiction Museum & Hall of Fame T-shirt)
- got up early to catch the CCAS meeting but discovered it wasn't happening...oh well
- I continued to take plenty of photos but there are far fewer costumes on Sunday
- I decided to get an official Comic-Con Tshirt and some others from Graffitti and other booths
- Rocena doesn't get down here much anymore so I braved a horde of Marvel zombies groping for swag as if it were fresh brains to get her a deck of playing cards
- grabbed a pretzel and got the call from the Mrs. to head back to the resort for extraction

To say I'm sad to be back is an understatement. I had a great time this year. I kept it very simple by taking photos and avoiding most of the long lines and draining my wallet. I did get some really nice t-shirts to sport during the year but that was the only thing I allowed myself to spend on. I can't wait until next year and by then I hope to be able to take more time off to surround the experience with family time.

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