ENTRY FOR 09/17/2010

So Long eFusjon, and Thanks for All the Antioxidants

Dear Friends,

The powers that be at the eFusjon Energy Club apparently have decided to give up on their distributors and throw in their network marketing towles. The exact quote as I understand it was, "They're just kind of expressing a loss of appetite for staying in the network marketing business."

To say Wella and I and the entire Ride the Matrix team are disappointed would be a gross understatement. Yet we have absolutely zero regrets in getting into the network marketing industry and our experience with eFusjon. We have learned so much in this past year and we have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from a fantastic product. We have learned how to run a home based business and get all the tax benefits that come with it. We have met some awesome people and established strong friendships and business relationships that will last for years to come.

But just as we are sad at this turn of events we are not taking it lying down. We have not given up on our goal of reaching a $10,000/month income! Far from it. We have gotten our hands on the best training in the industry and have aggressively researched a new and exciting company. This is a company with a very similar structure, product, and compensation plan as eFusjon and one that is an excellent fit for our team. This is a company that is not suffering from a lack of capital funding and unfortunate in-fighting. This company is Pure3x and it is everything we had before and then some.

News like this requires time to process. While we want everyone to share our enthusiasm for Pure3x we completely understand those who will choose another path. But we want you all to know that we are 100% committed to achieving financial freedom and to supporting our team by showing them how to do the same.

Please take a moment to review the Pure3x opportunity: http://www.p3xSuccess.com



Bugs & Wella Mitchell


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