ENTRY FOR 07/29/2013

San Diego Comic Con 2013

- need swag bag
- quiver would be nice addition, but needs to be easily removed
- shoes need a breakthrough to avoid krinkling
- always tape goggle band
- rethink under-suit: full body spandex? full coverage needed, but sectional more versatile
- face shaped hard mask under spandex face will help with speech
- suit does make me look short...investigate platform boots

Wednesday night as I was working on the costume I've made it a sort of tradition to watch Start Trek TOS. That is totally working for me and how cool it felt bathing in unfettered geekiness like that.

zombie kid:
coolest kid story...he wanted pic with me. his dad had him done up really really well as zombie. I teased him about getting bitten and did it hurt. he asked me whether my armor was made from real comic book pages. i said yes, he said that's not right. So cool! Good kid. I told him it was okay because they sacrificed themselves for a greater good, he smiled. later I was not in costume and I saw him posing as a homeless zombie in the Gaslamp district while his dad took pictures. I took his picture and knelt down and told him how cool he looked and informed him I was HBCB...he nonchalantly said, "oh"...then when it hit him he enthusiastically said, "OH! Really?" "Hey dad!!! It's Human Being Comic Book!" as I walked away giving a victory wave to them both. Probably one of the coolest moments in my 20 years so far.

Channel 5 Fox news in San Diego's Walter Morris interviewed me. When I got back to work on Tuesday, my friend said he saw me on the local Fox station here in LA!

Prof Hans von Puppet interviewed me on Friday morning. Waiting for it to show on Youtube.

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed me for their website costume contest but apparently they chose to not include me. It was fun all the same of course.

I did 3 other interviews, one for an upcoming accountant's convention, one for a nerd girl's video blog, and dang if I can't remember her name, and one for Mike of Prototype. He said he would get in touch via the HBCB FB page.

Got a photo with a marshmallow shooter toy that was uploaded to their FB page.

Saw Pacific Rim and World War Z and loved them both.

This year was really focused on HBCB and getting as much exposure as possible. From the internet results so far I say it succeeded beyond expectations.

Eagerly awaiting the Gamespot 3dcam upload to see HBCB in full 360 degrees. Will send everyone I know there to vote for me once it's up.

Got into Union Tribune San Diego newspaper! Nelvin Cepeda photojournalist included me in his Faces of Comic Con 2013 piece.

Now I am more determined than ever to work on my costume and start doing more local events and upcoming conventions. Comikaze, LBCC, WonderCon, Phat Collectibles, Frand & Sons, LVCC, etc.

I got A LOT of compliments. People took LOTS of photos of HBCB. I really made a positive impression and feel I really "gave back" to an organization/phenomena that speaks to who I am.

I need to develop a game play for masquerade. I need a partner(s) to do some sort of skit or routine. Perhaps the first makings of the comic can begin:
- birth of HBCB
- highlight super power "bringing comics to life"
- expose many weaknesses: fire, finger oil, moisture, UV light, etc
- introduce side-kick and villains, Papercut, Alien Being Comic Book, The Inker, etc.
- villains can be "bagged and boarded" when HBCB get them
- villains can attack HBCB with water guns or pitchers of water, he can be seriously weakened but then saved with a hair dryer


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