August 21, 2005

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Amazing! I met Bill and Marie Storey this last August at the Washington State International Kite Festival.

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August 5, 2005

Kianna saw her first movie in a movie theater tonight. She had been seeing the trailer for Charlie & the Chocolate Factory by Tim Burton for weeks, and she specifically asked to go.

She really loved the Willy Wonka character she saw on the trailers and for that matter so did her mom. We found a local movie theater that's a little small, but it has all the latest movies and there seem to be a lot of kids that go there. We wanted to pick a time and place where we wouldn't disturb too many people just in case she didn't keep quiet or started making a fuss.

Once the move began it started a bit slow for a child because it needed to run through some character development. Kianna got a bit antsy at that point and asked to go home. This was about 10 minutes in. However, Wella calmed her down and she sat through and enjoyed the rest of the show! I thought it was a great adaptation of the story and we all enjoyed it.

One cool thing I enjoyed was holding Kianna's hand for most of the show. There were a few points where I thought it might scare her so I wanted to comfort her. The cutest thing was that she wouldn't let go of me except to change what thumb she was sucking. About every 5 minutes she would quickly change hands. My sister always said that thumb sucking kids are good kids and Kianna certainly fits that bill.

After the movie we all kept repeating the "you're really weird" line from Mr. Wonka. Kianna particularly glommed onto that line. We all had a really great time this night.

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