September 25, 2002

Don't blame God for ills of the world

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September 18, 2002


According to the Red Book of Westmarch,
In Middle-earth, Bugimus was a
Talented Hobbit

Elven Name Possibilities for Bugimus
The root name suitable for feminine and masculine is:
Another masculine version is:
More feminine versions are:

Hobbit lad name for Bugimus
Gorbadoc Banks from Hobbiton
Hobbit lass name for Bugimus
May Banks from Hobbiton

Dwarven Name for Bugimus
Trór Emeraldmail
This name is for both genders.

Orkish Name for Bugimus
Wurrthak the Stutterer
This name is for both genders.

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September 15, 2002

This is rich. Back in 1998, I wrote a comic-con report and one of the things was me overhearing a conversation in downtown San Diego. It went something like this:

Restaurant Waitress Faux Pas
We ate at a restaurant in the Gaslamp Quarter on Saturday night before the masquerade. About half way through dinner, a group of fellow conventioneers were seated at the table adjacent. When their waitress came she asked them how the Comic convention had been going. They all replied that it was going fine and they were having a good time to which she added, "Pretty funny?". ROTFL. They were all polite about correcting her and she went on to smooth it over by explaining how one would just normally think a "comic" convention would be for comedians. Seeing as how it is the biggest event there this time of year with signs everywhere, I think she was just being a bit dense. Considering how she got me laughing, perhaps she should consider a career switch as a "comic" ;-)

Well, my cousin was reading through the latest issue of People magazine with all the best and worst dressed celebrities. One of the celebs was Hilary Swank looking very nice at the San Diego Comic-Con 2002. So how did the editors caption this pic? See for yourself.

I'll be emailing the editors about this faux pas part deux!

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September 12, 2002

Pope Asks God to Show Mercy on Sept. 11 Attackers

I am having some serious problems with these comments from the Pope.

<< ...but asked for prayers that God would show mercy and forgiveness for the attackers. >>

How does that work, exactly? Once you are dead, I didn't think we get a second chance to repent. That is certainly my understanding of biblical teachings. I am not aware of any Roman Catholic doctrine that allows for that either. What am I missing? If there is one, perhaps someone could point it out to me? But there's more.

<< Violence can only lead to further hatred and destruction. >>

The last time I checked, this was not a true statement. The moral use of violence has sometimes lead to much less hatred and destruction. I find this utterance very disappointing coming from a man I have enormous respect for in general. His steadfast dedication to the sanctity of human life, for instance, is inspiring.

And just so no one gets the idea that I'm totally trashing the pontiff. I thought these final comments were right on the money:

<< One year after September 11, 2001, we repeat that no situation of injustice, no feeling of frustration, no philosophy or religion can justify such an aberration.

On this very sad anniversary, we raise to God our prayer so that love may be able to take the place of hate, and, with the help of all people of good will, that concord and solidarity may take root in every corner of the earth. >>

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September 10, 2002

These are the things on my mind today.

Last night I upgraded Connexity to version 2.0.2 The upgrade went about as smooth as possible which pleased me greatly. I'm not sure but this new version seems a bit faster. I really like phpBB!

Iran... McEnroe...

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September 9, 2002

Well, I continue to add new SlicePuzzles every now and again as there are several people who seem to be getting a regular kick out of them. Jason, you were wondering where I was going with it? I'm not quite sure to be honest.

I've been spending much more time with the little one and the Wella lately. Of course, this is a very good thing but it does take a bite out of time spent in the virtual world. So to offset the feeling of worthlessness, I've been doing quite a bit more reading lately. I've been reading a few books concurrently and am trying to make it more of a habit.

I just finished off my part of the formal debate in the Asylum about the existence of God. I put quite a lot of effort into my first two responses and I hope they can be found useful by those who may come across them in the future. It feels good to be done with it and I am looking forward to sitting on the sidelines for the next debate and see how others do.

There is another very pressing thing going on in the world these days and that would be our struggle against terror. One of the threads in the Asylum is about whether or not to attack Iraq. I have so far stayed out to see where people stand and I'm just about ready to jump in because I don't think I can stand it anymore. With a few exceptions, it seems like the opinions ping pong between those who are unwilling to lift a finger to do anything in this world and those who just want to "kick ass". Why do the extremes have to be so popular? I respect opinions based on solid reasoning and have been well thought out because people who do that usually have a love of truth. Why can't more people take the time to examine the facts and make more informed decisions? Because it's time consuming, difficult, and requires *judgement* and *discernment* between right and wrong. The latter, is not only considered taboo, but very few seem to know how to do it even if they wanted to. ~sigh~

I am *not* saying I have all the right answers but I am saying that it is my express desire to find as many as I can before dropping off the twig.

Ok, rant done, move on, nothing to see here folks :-)

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September 3, 2002

Kianna's 10th month was very exciting. She got her two upper front teeth, she learned to give a kiss, and she can walk now as well.

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