March 4, 2017

I've been going through a very trying time these last few months. My dad died January 11, 2107 and it really hit me hard. I was already having some emotional issues months before his death, but I'm now convinced that was partly due to me sensing his end was near. I have been letting the grieving process take its course and as of this last week it truly feels like the clouds are clearing. It's as if I was driving down a highway that was stormy, cold, and treacherous and I couldn't see any good ahead. But now the sun is shining and the rain has stopped. I can see a long beautiful valley ahead with adventure and hope for better days.

If it weren't for a firm grasp on the Creator's promises and the steady love from my family and friends, it would have been a much different ride. I pray I've come through this stronger and more determined than ever to be the person I've been called to be.

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The days of living on my webpage are long passed. It feels so weird to even be adding this entry after such a long time.

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July 29, 2013

- need swag bag
- quiver would be nice addition, but needs to be easily removed
- shoes need a breakthrough to avoid krinkling
- always tape goggle band
- rethink under-suit: full body spandex? full coverage needed, but sectional more versatile
- face shaped hard mask under spandex face will help with speech
- suit does make me look short...investigate platform boots

Wednesday night as I was working on the costume I've made it a sort of tradition to watch Start Trek TOS. That is totally working for me and how cool it felt bathing in unfettered geekiness like that.

zombie kid:
coolest kid story...he wanted pic with me. his dad had him done up really really well as zombie. I teased him about getting bitten and did it hurt. he asked me whether my armor was made from real comic book pages. i said yes, he said that's not right. So cool! Good kid. I told him it was okay because they sacrificed themselves for a greater good, he smiled. later I was not in costume and I saw him posing as a homeless zombie in the Gaslamp district while his dad took pictures. I took his picture and knelt down and told him how cool he looked and informed him I was HBCB...he nonchalantly said, "oh"...then when it hit him he enthusiastically said, "OH! Really?" "Hey dad!!! It's Human Being Comic Book!" as I walked away giving a victory wave to them both. Probably one of the coolest moments in my 20 years so far.

Channel 5 Fox news in San Diego's Walter Morris interviewed me. When I got back to work on Tuesday, my friend said he saw me on the local Fox station here in LA!

Prof Hans von Puppet interviewed me on Friday morning. Waiting for it to show on Youtube.

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed me for their website costume contest but apparently they chose to not include me. It was fun all the same of course.

I did 3 other interviews, one for an upcoming accountant's convention, one for a nerd girl's video blog, and dang if I can't remember her name, and one for Mike of Prototype. He said he would get in touch via the HBCB FB page.

Got a photo with a marshmallow shooter toy that was uploaded to their FB page.

Saw Pacific Rim and World War Z and loved them both.

This year was really focused on HBCB and getting as much exposure as possible. From the internet results so far I say it succeeded beyond expectations.

Eagerly awaiting the Gamespot 3dcam upload to see HBCB in full 360 degrees. Will send everyone I know there to vote for me once it's up.

Got into Union Tribune San Diego newspaper! Nelvin Cepeda photojournalist included me in his Faces of Comic Con 2013 piece.

Now I am more determined than ever to work on my costume and start doing more local events and upcoming conventions. Comikaze, LBCC, WonderCon, Phat Collectibles, Frand & Sons, LVCC, etc.

I got A LOT of compliments. People took LOTS of photos of HBCB. I really made a positive impression and feel I really "gave back" to an organization/phenomena that speaks to who I am.

I need to develop a game play for masquerade. I need a partner(s) to do some sort of skit or routine. Perhaps the first makings of the comic can begin:
- birth of HBCB
- highlight super power "bringing comics to life"
- expose many weaknesses: fire, finger oil, moisture, UV light, etc
- introduce side-kick and villains, Papercut, Alien Being Comic Book, The Inker, etc.
- villains can be "bagged and boarded" when HBCB get them
- villains can attack HBCB with water guns or pitchers of water, he can be seriously weakened but then saved with a hair dryer

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September 18, 2010

The more I learn about the network marketing industry the more I'm drawn to it. Never in a million years did I think I would, but there it is. I doubt replacing my current income will be "easy", but the process is über-"simple".

To reach $5K-$10K/month in direct selling you need to master the fundamentals. You must: Learn who to recruit, how to recruit, to communicate effectively, to persuade effectively, to lead, to do a 90-day blitz, to create sales volume, and to be self-motivated. If you do these things consistently you will succeed, if you don't you will fail. See? Uncomplicated, but hardly a cakewalk.

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September 17, 2010

Dear Friends,

The powers that be at the eFusjon Energy Club apparently have decided to give up on their distributors and throw in their network marketing towles. The exact quote as I understand it was, "They're just kind of expressing a loss of appetite for staying in the network marketing business."

To say Wella and I and the entire Ride the Matrix team are disappointed would be a gross understatement. Yet we have absolutely zero regrets in getting into the network marketing industry and our experience with eFusjon. We have learned so much in this past year and we have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from a fantastic product. We have learned how to run a home based business and get all the tax benefits that come with it. We have met some awesome people and established strong friendships and business relationships that will last for years to come.

But just as we are sad at this turn of events we are not taking it lying down. We have not given up on our goal of reaching a $10,000/month income! Far from it. We have gotten our hands on the best training in the industry and have aggressively researched a new and exciting company. This is a company with a very similar structure, product, and compensation plan as eFusjon and one that is an excellent fit for our team. This is a company that is not suffering from a lack of capital funding and unfortunate in-fighting. This company is Pure3x and it is everything we had before and then some.

News like this requires time to process. While we want everyone to share our enthusiasm for Pure3x we completely understand those who will choose another path. But we want you all to know that we are 100% committed to achieving financial freedom and to supporting our team by showing them how to do the same.

Please take a moment to review the Pure3x opportunity: http://www.p3xSuccess.com



Bugs & Wella Mitchell

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September 16, 2010

An old prospector shuffled into the town of El Indio, Texas leading an old tired mule. The old man headed straight for the only saloon in town, to clear his parched throat. He walked up to the saloon and tied his old mule to the hitch rail. As he stood there, brushing some of the dust from his face and clothes, a young gunslinger stepped out of the saloon with a gun in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other.

The young gunslinger looked at the old man and laughed, saying, "Hey old man, have you ever danced?" The old man looked up at the gunslinger and said, "No, I never did dance... never really wanted to."

A crowd had gathered as the gunslinger grinned and said, "Well, you old fool, you're gonna' dance now," and started shooting at the old man's feet. The old prospector, not wanting to get a toe blown off, started hopping around like a flea on a hot skillet. Everybody was laughing, fit to be tied.

When his last bullet had been fired, the young gunslinger, still laughing, holstered his gun and turned around to go back into the saloon. The old man turned to his pack mule, pulled out a double-barreled shotgun, and cocked both hammers. The loud clicks carried clearly through the desert air.

The crowd stopped laughing immediately. The young gunslinger heard the sounds too, and he turned around very slowly. The silence was almost deafening. The crowd watched as the young gunman stared at the old timer and the large gaping holes of those twin barrels.

The barrels of the shotgun never wavered in the old man's hands, as he quietly said, "Son, have you ever kissed a mule's ass?"

The gunslinger swallowed hard and said, "No sir...... but... I've always wanted to."

There are a few lessons for us all here:

Never be arrogant.
Don't waste ammunition.
Whiskey makes you think you're smarter than you are.
Always, always make sure you know who has the power.
Don't mess with old men, they didn't get old by being stupid.

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July 26, 2010

Day 1: (Bugimus sports Seattle's Science Fiction Museum & Hall of Fame T-shirt)
- I checked into the Con (via WB's) and scored 3 killer 4sq badges: swarm, super swarm, and Comic-Con 2010! It was almost worth the price of admission just for those and the uber braggin' rights
- attended a panel discussing the state of geekdom especially regarding scifi movies
- I heard about Yesterday Was a Lie and I'm watching it on netflix
- Watched Inception and thought it was EXCELLENT.
- Predators sounds interesting so I think I'll go see that today too
- Got lots of pictures walking around the floor and had a great time
- Saw Fidget from the Frag Dolls and told her "hi" from Josh

Day 2: (Bugimus sports Wrath of Khan T-shirt)
- Saw Nic Cage promoting Drive Angry. Got some decent pics...(I hope)
attended Skyline presentation...it looks fantastic! Greg and Colin Strause made it completely on their own...studio doesn't own it... nice!
- skyline promo is inventive...they wrapped the front of the Marriott and release human shaped balloons all day long floating upwards...a shadow of one of them appeared on the sails and it was quite a sight
- pre-ordered Let's Dance 2 Wii game for Wella and Kianna...I bet they'll love it (October)
- being able to tether to my phone is heaven!
- sitting in theater waiting for Predators to begin
- saw preview of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and it looks like something I would enjoy
- after dinner I caught the Worst Cartoons Ever show and it was better than ever
- still need to hook up with some friends

Day 3: (Bugimus sports Babylon 5 G'Kar T-shirt)
- got to the con a bit late
- ate some pizza out on the patio and watched 2 Indiana Jones practice using their whips
- I also observed 2 steam punks compare their blades
- I am now sitting in the presence of Sid & Marty Krofft! Behind the scenes with Sid and Marty Krofft, then to look at the future with Joe Ruby and ken Sp;ears (Scooby Doo , Thundar the Barbarian) they have partnered with the Kroffts in Creations from the World of Jack Kirby. This was a fantastic panel and so meaningful to me having grown up with their creations. The Krofft's basically apologized for the Land of the Lost movie and I was glad to hear they weren't pleased with it. They say a remake is in the making already for about 4 years from now. They are also going to do a PufNStuf movie!
- While waiting to get into Hall H for the Marvel presentation there was a stabbing! Yes, you heard that right a stabbing...with a pen...a ball point pen. Some dork got mad at another attendee for not giving up his seat so he stabbed him in the eye with a pen. There was plenty of blood...the cops took the dork away as he sobbed like a wuss. As he was being led away some could be heard asking, "dude, can I have your badge?"
- met up with Jerome and crew for dinner...they were in Hall H during the fiasco. The Marvel presentation was excellent they said...Captain America, Avengers, and Thor...it all looked awesome.

Day 4: (Bugimus sports Seattle's Science Fiction Museum & Hall of Fame T-shirt)
- got up early to catch the CCAS meeting but discovered it wasn't happening...oh well
- I continued to take plenty of photos but there are far fewer costumes on Sunday
- I decided to get an official Comic-Con Tshirt and some others from Graffitti and other booths
- Rocena doesn't get down here much anymore so I braved a horde of Marvel zombies groping for swag as if it were fresh brains to get her a deck of playing cards
- grabbed a pretzel and got the call from the Mrs. to head back to the resort for extraction

To say I'm sad to be back is an understatement. I had a great time this year. I kept it very simple by taking photos and avoiding most of the long lines and draining my wallet. I did get some really nice t-shirts to sport during the year but that was the only thing I allowed myself to spend on. I can't wait until next year and by then I hope to be able to take more time off to surround the experience with family time.

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June 13, 2009

I'm here in Reno, Nevada with my dad attending the 2009 SR-71 Blackbird Reunion. I feel privileged to accompany him on this trip. My mom passed away last June and normally she would have been here. When my dad mentioned this event to me earlier this year he said he wouldn't be attending and I immediately pointed out I would be more than happy to go with him. Upon hearing that he really perked up and the next day he made the reservations and here we are.

There really isn't a whole lot of stuff going on aside from a bunch of old colleagues remembering the good old days when excellence in aviation was still something to be valued. I wish I could say this sort of thing was as much alive today as it was then but sadly I fear it's not. Dad jokingly said we need another good war to kick our collective aerospaces asses into high gear once again. Hopefully that won't be the impetus that's actually required but I'm sure if one were to befall us it would have that effect.

Today we were attending the raffle and I had my dad walk through the reception crowd to see if he knew anyone and it wasn't looking too good. The first pass through and no familiar faces emerged. So we sat down and awaited the raffle to commence. We were probably one of a handful of Northrop folks in the room and wouldn't you know it we won the first raffle. Unfortunately we only won a cheap bag of trinkets no doubt manufactured in the ROC, but hey we still felt special.

As I write this we're sitting in our hotel room watching a beautiful thunderstorm over the city with the sun fully shining above the dark clouds. It's really quite impressive. In about an hour we'll be heading to the main event which is a banquet with guest speakers. I believe one of the speakers will be one of the few, or only, people to have ever ejected from a habu.

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March 13, 2009

I normally order 2 shots of espresso from Starbucks or a cappuccino. This means I like coffee for what coffee tastes like. I don't need hazelnut, vanilla, cherry blossom or any other such frou frou crap in MY COFFEE!!! The "professional" who prepared my coffee this morning got some combination of that flavored filth into or onto my cup and it is serving to ruin my morning!!! Don't tell me I'm over-reacting! Grrrrrrrr.

Am I a coffee snob, most probably... deal with it and especially keep my coffee pure!

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March 3, 2009

This should come as no surprise:

1. Eastern Orthodox (100%)
2. Roman Catholic (100%)
3. Orthodox Quaker (96%)
4. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (93%)
5. Seventh Day Adventist (91%)
6. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (80%)
7. Hinduism (74%)
8. Orthodox Judaism (73%)
9. Baha'i Faith (70%)
10. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (66%)
11. Sikhism (66%)
12. Islam (65%)
13. Jehovah's Witness (57%)
14. Liberal Quakers (57%)
15. Jainism (57%)
16. Unitarian Universalism (56%)
17. Neo-Pagan (51%)
18. Reform Judaism (50%)
19. Mahayana Buddhism (44%)
20. Theravada Buddhism (37%)
21. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (30%)
22. New Age (30%)
23. Scientology (29%)
24. Secular Humanism (24%)
25. Taoism (23%)
26. New Thought (23%)
27. Nontheist (22%)

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February 27, 2009

I just noticed this video from another blog I get twitter updates from. I don't normally post things like this but I found this one particularly appealing, probably because it deals with visualization which is really important to me and who I am.

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