Dynamic HTML Slice Puzzle by Bugimus. This is a slight twist on a common puzzle game. The pieces are scrambled in position and size.
  Welcome to the Slice Puzzle Page!!!  

. : The Slice Puzzle by Bugimus

Are you able to perform the following three steps?

Press a "new game" button?
Click on a slice you want to move?
Then click where you want it to go?

Then you have got to play this game!!!

. : The Call for Images

I have a bunch of 3d creations as well as photographs that I'm very excited to display here and I'll bet you've got some too.

If you have an image that you think should be a SlicePuzzle, please let me know.  You can email me your image submissions at and I'll consider adding them.  Please submit images that are exactly 800x600 pixels, some brief text describing the image, a link to your homepage, and I'll do all the rest.

I'll try to update the puzzle on a regular basis.  Depending on the response, it may be monthly or even weekly.
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Solduc Falls

Sol Duc falls are one of the largest and most beautiful in all of Olympic National Park. With only a 0.8 mile hike you can take in the radiance of this magical spot.

Total plays: 1027

Added August 18, 2004

. : Top 10 Scores
1. barry35
2. barry36
3. barry36
4. barry36
5. barry36
6. barry36
7. barry36
8. kennymac37
9. barry37
10. barry37
(for hard games only)

Mountain Monarch

Olympic National Park near Hurricane Ridge was spotted this vibrantly colored butterfly.

Total plays: 423

Added August 14, 2004

. : Top 10 Scores
1. Bezoonie Rulz36
2. kennymac36
3. tpdarla37
4. joakville38
5. 38
6. joakville38
7. joakville38
8. 38
9. joakville38
10. kennymac38
(for hard games only)

Alien vs Predator

I attended the San Diego Comic-Con 2004 as I do every year. They had this larger than life statue of the Alien and Predator locked in mortal combat. This work of art was stunning in its detail. I don't care if the movie has a story that makes sense or not, I'll be loving it just for some decent battle scenes of which this is a preview.

Total plays: 896

Added August 3, 2004

. : Top 10 Scores
1. kennymac37
2. Bezoonie37
3. Bezoonie38
4. Bezoonie38
5. kennymac38
6. kennymac38
7. tpdarla39
8. kennymac41
9. Bezoonie's Kid41
10. Bezoonie's Kid (ew)41
(for hard games only)

Time Marches On

I was playing around with those really cool USB LEDs you can get for your computer. I turned off all the lights except for three LEDs; one red, one white, and one blue. Then I got the macro lenses on the camera and had some fun. I liked this one especially how it caught the second hand in motion.

Total plays: 556

Added June 17, 2004

. : Top 10 Scores
1. Bezoonie's Kid (try35
2. barry36
3. barry36
4. tpdarla36
5. barry37
6. barry37
7. kennymac37
8. barry37
9. barry37
(for hard games only)

Hexalitic Genesis

This is one of those cool designs that just came out one day from playing around with Bryce 3D. I really love that program because of its intuitive interface and affordability.

After centuries of preparation they found themselves at the brink of the ultimate experiment, but who would survive it?

Total plays: 734

Added May 24, 2004

. : Top 10 Scores
1. joakville32
2. Tyler35
3. Bezoonie36
4. Tyler36
6. kennymac37
7. Tyler37
8. ken37
9. tpdarla37
10. joakville37
(for hard games only)

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is an amazing piece of human engineering. It provides energy to much of the Southwestern US. It was built during the Depression. Find out more about this marvel at Hoover Dam, A National Historic Landmark

Total plays: 1119

Added May 11, 2004

. : Top 10 Scores
1. barry36
2. barry36
3. barry36
4. barry37
5. barry37
6. barry37
7. barry37
8. barry37
9. barry37
10. barry37
(for hard games only)

Lang T c

A friend of mine went back to visit his homeland of Vietnam. While he was there he was able to do quite a bit of site seeing and this was one of the very interesting places he visited. The official title for this site is: \"Lang T c\" or \"The Tomb of Emperor T c\".

T c was the longest reigning monarch of the Nguyen Dynasty and this is where he is entombed. This location served as a summer palace for the emperor while he was alive and I guess he liked it so much he figured it would be cool to spend more time here after his passing. Anyways, this is the view you would see from the left front side before entering his tomb area.

Thanks very much, Michael, for contributing this beautiful pic!

Total plays: 485

Added April 16, 2004

. : Top 10 Scores
1. barry35
2. barry36
3. barry36
4. barry36
5. barry36
6. barry37
7. barry37
8. barry37
9. barry37
10. barry37
(for hard games only)

Old Green Eyes

I came home one evening and saw this spectacular spider on my driveway. I just couldn't pass up doing a photo shoot. We have many similar types of spiders in this area but I have never seen a black and red one with big green eyes like this before. This spider is simply gorgeous!

For all my arachnophobic friends out there, please accept my apology. Perhaps you can just squint while playing this one.

Total plays: 492

Added April 10, 2004

. : Top 10 Scores
1. 37
2. joakville38
3. Helen>^..^39
4. joakville39
5. joakville40
6. Helen^..^40
7. joakville41
8. Bezoonie41
9. joakville41
10. Helen>^..^41
(for hard games only)


bmud sent this to me a while back and I had it live. But then the dreaded server crash of 2003 struck and I lost it. But now it has been restored to its former glory!

bmud, thanks very much for Smiley!

Total plays: 432

Added April 9, 2004

. : Top 10 Scores
1. joakville39
2. simsil40
3. Silvas41
4. AlexSilva42
6. Simsil43
7. Silvas43
8. joakville44
9. joakville44
10. Silvas46
(for hard games only)

Afghanistan III

Many thanks to Staff Sergeant Keith Stevens - Afghanistan

Total plays: 731

Added March 3, 2004

. : Top 10 Scores
1. 39
2. Bezoonie Rulz =)39
3. Pete V.40
4. Helen^oo^40
5. Bezoonie Rulz41
6. Bugs =)41
7. dude48044
8. Helen>^..^44
9. Pete V.44
10. tpdarla46
(for hard games only)
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. : How Came the Slice Puzzle?

  • Bugs thought about how one designs a page nicely while making it 100% variable via CSS.
  • Bugs also thought about how one designs a page so it is 100% maintainable via MySQL.
  • Bugs asked himself what makes a puzzle playable, intuitive, fun, and attractive to visitors.
  • Bugs then dreamed up Bugimus.com's newest feature but wondered what he should call it.  A Slice Puzzle because Bugs uses Adobe's ImageReady slice feature to easily prepare new puzzles.
  • You have no doubt come across plenty of JavaScript puzzles before.  All of them more or less do the same thing.  Cut the picture into squares and then slide them back in order or drag'n'drop them there.  These are great fun but I wanted to kick the concept up a notch.  Not only are the scrambled slices in my puzzle varied shapes but they are also scrambled in size!  You will need a good eye to recognize the correct locations, especially in the hard difficulty.
  • Background: As any web designer knows, browsers are notoriously bad at resizing images.  Therefore it is a standing rule to always prepare your web images for the exact size you want them to appear on your page.  I got to thinking about how I could transform this limitation into a feature.  So by allowing the browser to resize the slices when they are out of place, I am allowing the distorted image size to beg the player's eyes to restore them to their rightful positions.
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