Dynamic HTML Slice Puzzle by Bugimus. This is a slight twist on a common puzzle game. The pieces are scrambled in position and size.
  Welcome to the Slice Puzzle Page!!!  

. : The Slice Puzzle by Bugimus

Are you able to perform the following three steps?

Press a "new game" button?
Click on a slice you want to move?
Then click where you want it to go?

Then you have got to play this game!!!

. : The Call for Images

I have a bunch of 3d creations as well as photographs that I'm very excited to display here and I'll bet you've got some too.

If you have an image that you think should be a SlicePuzzle, please let me know.  You can email me your image submissions at and I'll consider adding them.  Please submit images that are exactly 800x600 pixels, some brief text describing the image, a link to your homepage, and I'll do all the rest.

I'll try to update the puzzle on a regular basis.  Depending on the response, it may be monthly or even weekly.
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Honey Bee

I saw this honey bee in my backyard with its face plastered with yummy pollen. With its face all yellow like that it looks like Winnie the Pooh enjoying a big pot of honey. I really like how I was able to get the focus in just the right area because it's really hard to do that when the subject is moving around as much as this one was.

Total plays: 418

Added February 20, 2004

. : Top 10 Scores
1. Silvas39
2. HELEN ^..^40
3. Bezoonie's Kid41
4. Bezoonie Rulz =)41
5. Helen ^. .^42
6. Tina45
7. Bugs47
8. Tina48
9. Tina49
10. Tina51
(for hard games only)

Flash Fire

This was one of those double spontaneous occurrences that you can only hope to be around to witness.

An online acquaintance, asptamer, was in the right place at the right time to catch this shot of a fire engine racing to put out a car fire. The streaked engine zooming by makes for an absolutely awesome photograph.

So another online acquaintance, Taobaybee, took a closer look at the source of the streaking and after a slight adjustment to the contrast and colors of the photograph, he was able to enhance that portion and reveal it was actually the Flash! Fascinating!!!

It's good to know he is still around to answer the call when trouble rears its ugly mug.

Visit asptamer's site

Taobaybee can be found here

And we all hang out here

Total plays: 597

Added February 20, 2004

. : Top 10 Scores
1. barry37
2. barry37
3. barry37
4. barry37
5. barry38
6. barry38
7. barry38
8. barry38
9. barry38
10. barry38
(for hard games only)

Bike Rally

A good buddy sent these over to me a while back. I thought this was a really nice bike. Purple and gold, nice. I\'ve have never rode a motorcycle in my entire life and I\'m not sure I ever will but they sure look good going down the road. I hope you enjoy puttin\' this one back together.

I\'ve been working on a new back-end administration system for this puzzle thingy of mine. I just finished with it and now I can get more puzzles up easier and quicker than ever before! Stay tuned.

Check out The Mabry Family when you get some time =)

Total plays: 205

Added February 20, 2004

. : Top 10 Scores
1. tpdarla36
2. simsil37
3. tpdarla37
4. tpdarla37
5. Bezoonie Rulz37
6. tpdarla37
7. tpdarla38
8. Bugs38
9. 39
10. Bezoonie's Kid39
(for hard games only)

Stained Glass

I had some fun with this one. Interestingly this is a digital creation intended to look like stained glass but I actually used a real photo of stained glass to get the texture. I used a photoshop filter to achieve the mosaic pattern and played with blending the layers to work the texture on each piece. I applied a mask to the areas between each piece to keep that solid blue.

Total plays: 365

Added February 18, 2004

. : Top 10 Scores
1. joakville36
2. joakville37
3. Bezoonie37
4. howdy37
5. joakville37
7. joakville38
8. joakville38
9. joakville38
(for hard games only)

White Pelican

American White Pelican ( Pelecanus erythrorhynchos )
Family: Pelecanidae
Order: Pelecaniformes
Class: Aves

I saw two of these majestic birds flying over a lake in Big Bear, California. I was quick enough to get my camera set up to get some decent close-ups as they flew over.

If you want to learn more about this species, here are a few links:

California Department of Fish and Game

California Wildlife Habitat Relationships System

American White Pelican, eNature.com

Total plays: 255

Added February 8, 2004

. : Top 10 Scores
1. Helen ^. .^44
2. Bezoonie99
3. Chronic112
4. TiNathan135
5. howdy164
6. Joby Kurian171
8. Matt Higgins192
9. Slim Adey193
10. JOBY kURIAN209
(for hard games only)

Mars Landscape

An early view of the Martian landscape from the Spirit rover.

What a barren yet exciting place to be seeing pictures from! Someday that could be someone\'s backyard. Once the terraforming is complete and we start calling it home that is.

JPL Image Policy

Total plays: 218

Added January 11, 2004

. : Top 10 Scores
1. barry37
2. barry38
3. barry38
4. barry38
5. barry38
6. barry38
7. barry38
8. barry38
9. barry38
10. barry38
(for hard games only)

Desert in Spring

I took this picture in a wash at Red Rock in Las Vegas. I noticed this beautiful violet tree from afar and realized it was the only one of its kind I saw the whole day. It was buzzing with bees and insects feeding off of its nectar. It even had several humming birds around it. It left me wondering if it was a natural tree for the area or whether someone dropped a seed a while back that came from somewhere else.

Total plays: 657

Added November 23, 2003

. : Top 10 Scores
1. barry32
2. barry35
3. barry36
4. barry36
5. barry36
6. barry37
7. 37
8. 37
9. barry37
10. barry37
(for hard games only)


Last Independence Day I decided to experiment with photographing fireworks. It was a lot of fun especially using the longer exposure times.

Total plays: 669

Added October 13, 2003

. : Top 10 Scores
1. HELEN ^..^36
2. laurenm38
3. Bezoonie's Kid!!!!38
4. Bezoonie Rulz39
5. peter39
6. Robby Jackson39
7. jadey39
8. Robby Jackson40
9. William40
10. jadey40
(for hard games only)

YF-23 and B-2

This is a rare photo of the YF-23 waiting on the runway as a B-2 lands. It's a shame the YF-23 didn't win a production contract because it was one very good looking bird.

Total plays: 16996

Added October 13, 2003

. : Top 10 Scores
1. 2
2. barry35
3. barry36
4. barry37
5. barry37
6. barry37
7. barry37
8. barry37
9. barry37
10. barry37
(for hard games only)

Blending In

Moth nicely camouflaged in the Nevada desert.

Total plays: 593

Added September 9, 2003

. : Top 10 Scores
1. TJ ROOT36
2. TJ ROOT37
3. TJ ROOT38
4. ydkdy3338
5. ydkdy3338
6. TJ ROOT38
7. ydkdy3338
8. joakville38
9. 39
10. 39
(for hard games only)
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. : How Came the Slice Puzzle?

  • Bugs thought about how one designs a page nicely while making it 100% variable via CSS.
  • Bugs also thought about how one designs a page so it is 100% maintainable via MySQL.
  • Bugs asked himself what makes a puzzle playable, intuitive, fun, and attractive to visitors.
  • Bugs then dreamed up Bugimus.com's newest feature but wondered what he should call it.  A Slice Puzzle because Bugs uses Adobe's ImageReady slice feature to easily prepare new puzzles.
  • You have no doubt come across plenty of JavaScript puzzles before.  All of them more or less do the same thing.  Cut the picture into squares and then slide them back in order or drag'n'drop them there.  These are great fun but I wanted to kick the concept up a notch.  Not only are the scrambled slices in my puzzle varied shapes but they are also scrambled in size!  You will need a good eye to recognize the correct locations, especially in the hard difficulty.
  • Background: As any web designer knows, browsers are notoriously bad at resizing images.  Therefore it is a standing rule to always prepare your web images for the exact size you want them to appear on your page.  I got to thinking about how I could transform this limitation into a feature.  So by allowing the browser to resize the slices when they are out of place, I am allowing the distorted image size to beg the player's eyes to restore them to their rightful positions.
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