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  . : Maze . . . . . a SlicePuzzle by Bugimus
Slime from the Asylum graciously allowed this image to be a part of the SlicePuzzle phenomenon.

In his own words, "A 3D maze with lots of random floating boxes in the background. I took a risk by using a color that's never really worked for me before; I like the results."

I like them too! Make sure to visit Slime's site at http://www.slimeland.com/

Added on April 26, 2002 and updated 10:30:57 AM July 19, 2002

. : Instructions

Playing this game is simple and most importantly... fun!!!
  1. Press "new game" to begin.
  2. Click on the slice you want to move.
  3. Then click where you want it to go.
Goal: Your goal is to solve this puzzle in the least amount of moves.  Your number of moves is displayed on the top control bar.

Progress: Your progress is displayed on the control bar as (number of correct moves) / (total slices).  Your progress is also graphically displayed with the status bar below the puzzle.  Each time you position slices correctly, the status bar will flash and grow.

Hint: Press the "hint" button if you need to remind yourself what the completed puzzle looks like.  But remember that using the hint button counts as one move, so use it only when you must.

. : High Scores

#. PlayerScore
1. joakville38
2. Silvas39
3. Silvas40
4. joakville40
5. joakville41
6. joakville41
7. Yano42
8. darla42
9. 43
10. joakville43

(for hard games only)

. : Call for Images

I have a bunch of 3d creations as well as photographs that I'm very excited to display here and I'll bet you've got some too.  If you have an image that you think should be a SlicePuzzle, please let me know.  You can email me your image submissions at and I'll consider adding them.  Please submit images that are exactly 800x600 pixels, some brief text describing the image, a link to your homepage, and I'll do all the rest.

I'll try to update the puzzle on a regular basis.  Depending on the response, it may be monthly or even weekly.

Copyright 2002 , all rights reserved.

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